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Meet Cynthia


Fitness Coach for Women

Over 20 years ago, after the birth of my son, I took my very first fitness class and I instantly fell in love.  I felt strong, confident and empowered.  Throughout my fitness journey, I’ve always wanted to share my experiences and the information that I’ve learned with others.  I never knew how I could do that in a meaningful way until now.

Cynsational Fitness was created to motivate, empower and encourage women to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness, diet and mindfulness.  We advocate physical strength as well as mental strength through our nutrition resources and  fitness coaching. In addition, we promote confidence and motivation through our merchandise.  We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere where women are empowered to be the best versions of themselves.

My Phylosophy

My education, experience and continued learning is the foundation that allows me to tailor and customize my clients’ fitness programs so that they can achieve their fitness goals.  It is important for me to meet each client where they are and push them hard, but not too hard, so that they can make progress in each training session.  I want my clients to know that each and every training session is all about them and making them feel stronger, more confident and successful.

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