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Sweat Now, Smile Later

Start Your Weight Loss Adventure TODAY!

Hi, I'm Cynthia!

It wasn't long ago that I was just like you.  My journey with fitness felt like a contact uphill battle.  I found myself trapped in a cycle of bad habits, struggling to shed extra inches off my midsection.  I constantly felt bloated and frustrated with the way I looked in my clothes.  But then, something inside me shifted.

I made a conscious decision to take control of my health. With determination as my guide, I began to make small, sustainable changes to my daily routine.  I swapped out sugary snacks for nutrition alternatives, traded endless hours of TV for invigorating workouts, and prioritized self-care like never before.  And slowly, but surely, the results started to show.  The inches  began to melt away, my energy levels soared and I felt more confident and alive than ever before.  By taking control of my habits and committing to my journey, I discovered a new founded sense of empowerment and vitality that continues to fuel my passion for living a healthy, balanced life.

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  • Unlimited live workouts in the Cynsational Fitness training app

  • Body metric tracking, nutrition tracking and other training app features

  • Nutritional coaching

  • Monthly accountability check-ins

  • Community chat group

What will you do in FIT & FIRM?

These online classes will guide you towards building sustainable habits and achieving tangible results using our innovative Track Trim Trio technique


Three live full body cardio strength workouts every week to get your heart pumping and your muscles burning


Nutrition coaching on the right foods and right amount of protein to support weight loss goals


Access to our community chat group to keep you focused and on track throughout the bootcamp.


"When I started in January 2024 I couldn't do a standard jumping jack during warm-ups.  Now I can keep up with the entire routine! I've notice other changes like having more energy, not getting winded when climbing my stairs, muscle definition and weigh loss."


"Your live workouts have really blessed me. Made me feel like I can actually do this."


"Cynthia is Fantastic! I am challenged by the workouts, but always feel supported from start to finish! Cynthia is encouraging and invested in ensuring that fitness is the top priority, second only to a good time! 10/10 would recommend."

Real Women, Real Results

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