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Here's your chance to train with me for FREE for an entire month. 


My birthday is coming up and this year I'm celebrating with a free giveaway.


THAT'S RIGHT! You get a present for MY birthday.

Enter here to win an entire month of Virtual Training with me for FREE! 


This prize is valued at over $350 and includes:

  • Free consultation to talk about your personal fitness goals and how I can help you meet them

  • Custom fitness program based your specific fitness goals

  • Nutrition coaching on the best foods to eat to meet your fitness goals

  • One-on-one check-in call to discuss progress, reset goals and plan for the next phase of the program

  • Credit for one FIT & FIRM online class

  • Credit for one group accountability check-in

  • Access to the community chat group

Don't miss out on your chance to win the giveaway and starting winning on your fitness journey.

Complete the form below for a chance to win and start getting the result you've been looking for.


The lucky winner will be announced on March 6, 2024.


Thanks for submitting!
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