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Things You Can Do To Stay Positive

Sometimes we get hung up on what’s going on around us and it becomes difficult for us to stay positive. Too often we forget to acknowledge and nurture ourselves and we worry about making sure everyone else is taken care of that we neglect ourselves. Ultimately, the end result is depression, anxiety, nervous breakdowns or worse, suicide.

Fitness is more than being physically in shape and having a healthy diet. Fitness is a balance between physical health as well as mental health. Here are a few techniques I’ve learned to maintain my own mental health and stay positive.

1. Encourage yourself with positive affirmations

I learned that my primary love language is Words of Affirmations. In the past, I’ve sought words of affirmation from others to feel loved and validated. I’m not ashamed to admit that it feels great! But more recently, I learned that everyone isn’t going affirm me because it may not be their love language. This made me realize that the words of affirmation I seek don’t have to come from someone else. In other words, I don’t need outside validation.

I can validate myself, or love myself, with my own words of affirmations. So I’ve created a Pinterest board with positive affirmations and I read through these often to motivate and help myself stay positive. I also created my own mantra that I often read OUT LOUD and with intent.

2. Create a healthy outlet to relieve stress

The stress and pressure of life builds up inside of you just like pressure build up in a tire when you fill it with air. If you fill up a tire with too much air, eventually the tire will bust. Likewise, if you let stress build up too much inside yourself, eventually you will burst and it will manifest physically. For what may seem like no reason, you might lose your temper and scream and yell at someone. You might burst into tears and cry hysterically. Even worse, you may get physically ill with an ulcer, headaches or something else. You have to create a way to relieve your stress in a good way. I usually talk (more like vent) to my friends or workout. Cleaning is also extremely therapeutic.

3. Surround yourself with like-minded people

Last year I read a book, The Energy Bus, that helped me understand why it’s important to cut some people off, even family. Unfortunately, misery loves company and people who aren’t happy with themselves or aren’t doing anything to make themselves a better person will discourage you.

Surround yourself with positive people, if you want to be more positive. If you want to go to college, find someone who is going or has already been to college. To get out of debt, ask someone who knows something about personal finance. If you want to own your own business, ask someone who has their own business, preferably the type of business you want to own, to mentor you. GET THE POINT??? People that are in a place or trying to get to a place where you want to be will help you get there too.

These are only a few things that help me manage my mental health and stay positive. You can read How to Let the Pain Go and Begin to Move On for more techniques. I encourage you to use any of these techniques or find your own to help yourself.

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