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TRX 101

Updated: May 16, 2022

Are you new to TRX? Would you like to learn more about TRX? This TRX 101 video series will help you learn the fundamentals to get you started with your TRX workout program. You will learn:

  • Benefits of TRX

  • Different components of the TRX suspension trainer

  • How to set up your TRX suspension trainer on a door, wall or ceiling

  • How to adjust the straps on your TRX suspension trainer

  • Names and positioning for 6 basic TRX exercises

  • How to avoid the 6 TRX sins

Introduction to TRX

Components of the TRX

Setting up the TRX

Adjusting the TRX Straps

Basic TRX Exercises

6 Sins of TRX

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