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Beachbody On Demand Shaun Week Review

As a long time fan of Beachbody workouts, I finally took the plunge this past January and purchased Beachbody On Demand (BOD). It was the best fitness decision of my life! An equally good decision was for me to start with the Shaun Week: Insane Focus program. Here’s a review of my experience with Beachbody On Demand Shaun Week.

Beachbody On Demand Overview

You can easily download the BOD app to any device. I downloaded BOD to my Roku, Apple TV, and iPhone. In addition, I was able to log into the Beachbody On Demand website to view workouts directly from my PC.

Once you’re logged in, you have a full view of all Beachbody programs. I felt like a kid in a candy store, I didn’t know where to start. Finally, I came across Shaun Week, which was the perfect program to understand the dynamics of Beachbody On Demand.

For each program, there is a comprehensive overview of the workout program, a summary of the workout list and program materials such as a workout calendar or nutrition guide. The Shaun Week: Insane Focus program consisted of the following:






Insane Basics

33 Min



Pure Cardio

27 Min



Insane Weights

33 Min




28 Min

Workout Mat



43 Min



Speed 4.0

31 Min



Dig Deeper

27 Min


Review: Beachbody On Demand Shaun Week

Day 1: Insane Basics wasn’t so bad. Shaun T jumped right in with a quick 2 round, 3-minute warm-up. The exercises weren’t too difficult and I was able to work up a good sweat. Although I work out regularly, I was definitely sore the next day.

Day 2: Pure Cardio 2 was non-stop cardio from beginning to end. I don’t do much cardio so this was a bit of a challenge for me. By the end of the workout, my clothes were drenched.

Day 3: Insane Weights was my favorite day. I wasn’t sure how the dumbbells were going to be used but it turned out great. The extra weight made the workout a little more challenging and I learned some new exercises. I don’t recommend using dumbbells that are too heavy, I would expect for it to become to move quickly with heavyweights.

Day 4: The ab workout was an isolated workout on almost every ab muscle. I felt the burn and was sore for the next 2 days.

Day 5: Ripsanity is a HIIT workout that hits all the major muscle groups. It was very intense and a little hard to keep up.

Day 6: Speed 4.0 was more like 50.0. This was the most intense workout of the program. There was a lot of jumping and very fast moves. I’ll admit I couldn’t keep up quite as well so I had to do the modified versions of the exercises.

Day7: After Day 6, I was very nervous about the last day. It was a great ending to the program.

5 reasons you should try Shaun Week: Insane Focus

  1. Workouts are challenging but not intimidating.

  2. Workouts are short (approx. 30 minutes on average) but effective.

  3. The entire program is only one week.

  4. Workouts require very little equipment or none at all.

  5. You can easily workout at home.

Overall, Beachbody On Demand Shaun Week is a great program. I highly recommend anyone looking for a short-term program that is effective and fun to complete this program.

Do you want to lose weight? Would you like a meal plan to eat healthier? Would you like to add variety to your workouts? Target any fitness goal with Beachbody On Demand.

You will get online streaming access to over 1,100+ workouts, accountability tools, trainer tips, meal plans and more. Join today or you can try the 14-day trial for FREE!

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