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How to Keep Off Extra Weight During the Holidays

It never fails. Every single year we indulge in gobs of Halloween candy. We stuff ourselves with Thanksgiving food until our stomachs hurts and we eat left overs for days. And then come the holiday parties and carry-ins. It’s all fun until we see the scale go up one pound at a time and feel our clothes getting tighter and tighter.

Well, NOT THIS YEAR!!! I have a plan for you to keep off those horrible holiday pounds, keep a clean conscience going in to the New Year and still enjoy the holidays.

First, EAT ALL YOU CAN EAT…ON THE ACTUAL HOLIDAY AND ONLY THE HOLIDAY. You’ll be tempted to try all of the great dishes at the carry-in and holiday parties at work and church. And of course you’ll want to get a second plate of Thanksgiving dinner or even have a post-Thanksgiving dinner the next day…and the next day and the next day. DON’T DO IT!!! Save all the delicious food for the big holiday and then leave it alone. Resist the carry-in/pot luck dinners and stay far far away from the leftovers. I send all of my leftovers away with my guest. Anything left at my house, I leave it for our 6’1’’, 165 lb., 13 year-old bottomless pit.

Second, if you insist on being a knuckle head and participating in the pot luck dinners after I just said not to, MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES. Eat the turkey with no gravy and have lots of veggies. Just the other day my job had a Thanksgiving lunch and I filled my plate with the mixed green salad and plopped 2 slices of turkey on top. Granted everyone gave me the side-eye, but I was able to partake in the festivities without feeling guilty. And if you don’t think there will be any healthy food, BE THE PERSON TO BRING IN THE HEALTHY CHOICE so you know you can stick to your diet. Leave the yummy foods for the big holiday. You’ll appreciate it so much more and it’ll make it that much more delicious.

Finally, just because you have the day off from work doesn’t mean you have the day off from the gym. Real gyms are open on the holiday so take advantage and GET UP ON THE HOLIDAY AND BURN A FEW EXTRA CALORIES to offset the good eating you’ll have that day (and that day only). Participate in your local Turkey Trot or go for a walk or run in the morning. Without fail, I go to the gym every single year Thanksgiving morning. I take Christmas day off, but you can count on be being there Christmas Eve and the day after.

You don’t have to give up ALL the great food and fun parties. It only takes these very small adjustments to stay on track and keep the holiday pounds off.

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