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Ways To Stay Motivated With Your Workout

Staying motivated to workout isn't always easy when you aren't getting the results you want or you begin to lose interest in the gym.

Going to the gym can become a chore and eventually you begin to fall off. Here are a few tips to help motivate you to stay on track with your work out.

1. Join fitness blogs, forums or social networking groups

The first way to stay motivated with your workout is to join blogs or forums. Blogs like Cynsational Fitness provide helpful tips and encouraging posts regularly. You can also follow Instagram pages such as Just Strong. They are constantly posting motivational comments and pictures that remind me of my fitness goals and encourage me to stay focused and motivated. Here are a few Facebook fitness groups that I joined:

2. Add variety to your workout

Doing the same workout and eating the same meals everyday can be BORING!!!! Another way to stay motivated with your workout is to spice it up a little and try something new. Push-Pull training, circuit training, crossfit, super sets or classes are great ways to diversify your workout. You can also visit another gym to have a change of scenery, use different machines and meet new people.

Any given week, I will do a variety of workouts...lift weights, TRX, Yoga, Barbell Sculpting class, Cardio Sculpting class, run/walk and more. The same goes for eating. Change your diet occasionally. Substitute food without compromising calories or quality. Instead of oatmeal and boiled eggs for breakfast, I might have dry cheerios and a protein drink. Or instead of chicken and broccoli for lunch or dinner, have salmon and salad. Read A Simple and Easy Meal Plan for ideas on what to eat.

3. Buy new workout clothes, shoes or equipment

It’s unlikely that you’ll buy something and then not use it. So when you’re feeling blue, burned out or unmotivated, get some new workout clothes or shoes. You can also buy some new workout equipment like gloves, wrist wraps, a cool water bottle or add new music to your playlist. Cynsational Fitness Apparel has some cute and fun tank tops and t-shits that will spice up your workout. Wherever you go, new workout gear will boost your spirits and give you a reason to go to the gym and show off your new stuff.

4. Have a cheerleader

Having someone in your life that will support your fitness goals and encourage you to keep moving when you don’t want to anymore is another great way to stay motivated with your workout. I have an amazing, outstanding and awesome husband who actually notices and comments on my results. He pays me compliments as I achieve my goals and I don’t even have to fish for them! I really appreciate the recognition, especially from someone who sees me every day. This support confirms that what I’m doing is working and encourages me to continue working.

5. Participate in a fitness event at least once a year

Participate in an event that will challenge you physically. It will give you a goal to reach which will motivate you to train so that you are prepared for your event. Most cities host a marathon every year, such as the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, that target beginner, intermediate and advance runners…heck you can even walk in some cases. There are also charity events throughout the year in all cities that hold small walk/run events to raise money. This year I plan to participate in the Night Nation Run and Susan G Komen Race for the Cure.

6. Get a partner or trainer

Finding someone with the same workout schedule can be difficult. But even if it’s only once a week, find a workout partner or trainer who will help hold you accountable for your workouts.

Personally, I hate to let other people down so having a workout partner and trainer forces me to not only show up to the gym but also to be on time. It also helps motivate the competitive part of me to push harder during my workout so that I can do as well as or better than my partner. This gets a little difficult when I workout with my husband who lifts about 200 lbs more than me, but it does push me to do more than I would have alone. So don’t be afraid to workout with someone who you know is on a different level. Depending on your level, they will motivate you to do better or you might motivate them to do better.

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